Working his way on a transatlantic cruise liner, Sirio Maccioni dazzled New York with his charm and acumen for hospitality.  Working at the famed Colony Club as a maitre d’hotel in the late 1960s, Sirio developed his first taste for the New York restaurant business. Then in 1974, Sirio opened what was destined to become a New York landmark – Le Cirque, which literally translates as “the circus” in French, at the Mayfair Hotel. In 1997, Le Cirque outgrew its original location and relocated to a larger space in the New York Palace Hotel under the name Le Cirque 2000. By 2004, Le Cirque was an established New York City landmark and decided to move to the prestigious Bloomberg Building on East 58th Street andfinally opened its doors in May of 2006. 

Although over the years, monkeys, circus balls and tent shades have become symbolic representations of the restaurant, but Le Cirque’s most recognizable feature is the Maccioni family. Sirio’s sons-- Marco and Mauro-- followed in their father’s footsteps and can be seen working at Le Cirque’s multiple locations and sister restaurants. Alongside is a team of hospitality professionals whose talents are at your service.

While restaurant has as many stars to their credibility as celebrity clientele, Le Cirque and Sirio Maccioni have helped launch the careers of many illustrious chefs – Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, Terrance Brennan, Alain Sailhac, Rick Moonen, Jacques Torres, Sottha Khun, Sylvain Portay, Christophe Bellanca, Michael Lomonaco, Alain Allegretti, Pierre Schaedelin, Bill Telepan, Alex Stratta and Geoffrey Zakarian to name a few.

Where food, art and fashion converge

For over 40 years, Le Cirque has offered an unparalleled dining experience earning its place on New York’s gastronomical landscape. Famed restaurateur Sirio Maccioni and family welcome you to Le Cirque’s latest location on East 58th Street in the trendy Bloomberg building. Here guests can enjoy a modern, circus themed dining room, where the food is just as exciting to the palate as it is a feast to the eyes.  

The 16,000 square-foot restaurant, designed by Adam Tihany and architect Costas Kondylis, features a main dining room with a giant, abstract “big top” light shade, a separate bar area available for special events (Egi), and a private event mezzanine (Stella) suspended above the bar. The all glass bar is a force within itself, serving as a commanding architectural element anchoring the 65 seat bar-wine lounge and balancing the custom designed 27-foot kaleidoscope wine tower.